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TrekFit en vidéo

Laissez nos spécialistes vous démontrer les bénéfices des équipements Trekfit

Espace limité ou ajout à des installations existantes, nos équipements indépendants peuvent ajouter une large gamme d’activités. Certains modèles offrent d’ailleurs une impressionnante capacité d’accueil.

Voyez les nombreux modèles que nous avons sélectionnés.

Trekfit Outdoor Fitness Equipment - Urban Obstacles

Trekfit Outdoor Fitness Equipment - Urban Obstacles

TREKFIT Outdoor Fitness Equipment - Urban Obstacles for parks and schools - Bamboo Jungle and Cargo Net With three new products that blend beauty with functionality, we’ve come up with the perfect obstacle challenge line. Designed to delight the eye while strengthening the body, it combines the best of urban art with the most effective workout equipment. Ideal for all ages and fitness levels, these arresting pieces enhance the public space while bringing all segments of the community together in the spirit of fitness and fun. The end result? A visually spectacular site where everyone can get together for play and exercise. Say hello to a stunning piece of equipment that recreates the movement of bamboo in the wild. Fitted out with exclusive Trekfit grips, the 26 or 44 stems are colour-coded with four different skill levels, making for a course that challenges everyone according to their own ability. Inspired by parkour, the 3.5” diameter posts are arranged at a 5-degree angle, inviting users to work their way across the course. Available in five different layouts, the bamboo jungle offers an exhilarating challenge that never gets old. Welcome to TREKFIT’s Cargo Net, a military-style climbing net with a twist. With a sleek, modern look, it stands an impressive 14 feet high. Its mesh is made from galvanized steel cable covered with polyester for maximum resistance to abrasion and discoloration, while its openings are larger than a foot to avoid entanglement. The best part? The entire structure is twisted so that it can deliver both positive and negative incline possibilities, allowing the user to tailor the workout to their own fitness level. Inspired by boot-camp military climbing nets, our model combines the beauty of sculpture with the most thrilling workout imaginable.
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